Do you do repairs on any kind of furniture?

We work on traditional and contemporary kinds of furniture. To achieve the best result, we are using traditional and modern techniques with the highquality materials. 

How long does it take a piece to get fixed?

It is totally depending on the damage and the quality of the piece.

Will the damaged part be visible after doing the repair?

It depends on the level of damage and what kind of material your piece is made of. The final result will be better on solid wood furniture than laminated or plywood ones.  

How are the prices set for repairs and assembling?

Since we try our best to provide the best quality for your services, we set the price based on the difficulty and the number of pieces we are working on. 

Do you pick up or drop off the furniture?

For furniture assembly, first time customers will be provided pickup and delivery to their homes.  

For furniture repair, any pieces that cannot be repaired on-site will be picked up and dropped off. (some fees will be applied) 

Do you repair the furniture on site, or do you need to move it to your shop?

Our goal is keeping your piece in your house to avoid any possible damage but if the job is too big and needs extra attention, we can provide pickups and drop offs back to the house. 

Do you repair leather furniture?

It totally depends on the damage. After you send some pictures of the damage to us, we can tell you if it can be done by us or not. 

What are some furniture you work on?

Sofas, love seats, chairs, dining tables, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, chases, chest of drawers, coffee tables, stools and many more household items.